Xiaomi Poked Samsung M Series in Twitter

Social Media war has been raged from the Chinese front on Korean end. Xiaomi has tweeted some interesting facts sarcastically to poke Samsung over Samsung “M” series. The Chinese counterpart is voraciously marketing for its upcoming Note 7 device in India. As of now, it has managed to give us a shock with its features that are promised to be present in the device, the USP of this device relies on its rear camera which will be attached with a superb Sony sensor that is capable of capturing 48 MP images while there’s another 5 MP sensor for depth sensing. These all are wrapped under a 6.3 inch full HD display while having a powerful Snapdragon 660 octa-core processor for smooth processing while having 3 GB and 6 GB variants for throttling up the multitasking experience further.

On the other hand, Samsung has launched its M series already in India which offers devices with some decent specs while Xiaomi is yet to launch its Note 7. Xiaomi has tweeted to wait for the best one and another one directly hits “M” series where it asks users choose the better device with TFT if they are to choose a good device with TFT display and why to choose ‘M’obile! Here ‘M’ stands for M series. Till now, there’s no official tweet from Korean front.

Xiaomi Note 7 is scheduled to be launched in India on 12th February though it has been already unveiled in New Delhi. All the specs are out and for any critics, it’s tough to criticize this device as it comes with a massive camera and battery comprises 4800 mAh and the entire range of standard features at a price of sub 12k.

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