Australia’s Data Speed Scores Horribly Low

Being counted as a first world country, Australia’s data speed still lags a lot. It stood at the 60th place while it comes to getting a chart of the countries in terms of the download speed. Even, the tiny island country and neighbor of Australia, New Zealand comes before it!

Let’s get a fact check, In the month of January, during a survey, average data speed through fixed line has been clocked at 33 MBPS while every household got an average speed of 13 MBPS more or less. Singapore climbed at the first position when we consider the download speed and it’s followed by the nations like Malta, Andorra, Qatar and surprisingly Trinidad and Tobago which is considered as one of the tiny island in West Indies has also got firing data speed!

If you are living in Australia, you can check the data speed through speedcheck web server. Get your one and check with the national average.

Many data speed testers even including Ookla reported that Australia’s position has slipped 5-6 position down from the position of the last year. There may be a few reasons behind it. Currently, data charges in Australia have gone up and getting a data plan with high-speed download got costlier. That’s why home broadband speed gets slower if we take the average household speed!

Though Australia’s position has been dropped significantly, average speed in the last 12 months has been increased but of course, not at the same rate the other countries have moved up.

While it comes to mobile data, Australia scores a good result, it manages to get the 16th position with an average download speed of 45 MBPS!

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