BioBidet Raises 1200% of Funding Goal with Slim Glow Advanced Bidet Attachment

There are plenty of reasons to have a bidet in your life: it’s more sanitary, it’s environmentally friendly, and you’ll save a heck of a lot of money on toilet paper. The problem is, bidets aren’t always cheap and install is complicated. A lot of people don’t even have the room to install one in the first place.

If you’ve ever wanted to add bidet functionality to your bathroom, but you didn’t have the space or the funds, now’s the time. BioBidet, a company that leads the industry in innovative kitchen and bathroom technology, has launched a variety of electric bidet seats over the years, but their latest product is a simple attachment that virtually anyone can use.

Slim Glow is an advanced bidet attachment that will upgrade any toilet without any complicated install. It has dual nozzles (posterieur and feminine), a blue night light so you can’t miss the seat in the middle of the dark, and it’s non-electric so you only need a couple of batteries to power it up. Additional features include a natural incline, solid brass valve, brass inlet, double body, and an easy grip knob. One of the best parts about Slim Glow, however, is its price tag. Right now, you can pre-order the attachment for $32 (59% off retail) at the early-bird price. However, this may not last for long at the rate of the campaign.

In just days, the campaign flew by its funding goal. The last time we had a look at the campaign page, it had just hit $100K and in just days its now at $120K. There are also only 5 days remaining.

If you’re hesitant to back a crowdfunding campaign, BioBidet is an established company that has successfully delivered on crowdfunded products previously. The last campaign, Slim Zero, raised just over $133,000 in September and started shipping by the beginning of November.

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