Xioami To Release Black Shark 2, Special Gaming Device From Xiaomi

Another gaming phone is about to be released. Xiaomi is in the spree of releasing smartphones for all purpose. From entry-level to mid-range, premium range to gaming device Xioami is taking all the thing into its research and development center. Now it’s about to release a beast for gaming, Black Shark 2. This device may be released in a few weeks as per the unofficial sources.


Let’s have a look at the probable features that are going to come with the device to woo the users especially the gamers. Firstly, the device will have a full HD display with a screen size of 6.2 inches. Moreover, it is going to have a powerful Snapdragon 855 chipset in its heart that powers the whole device efficiently. Apart from the monstrous chip inside, it has a pack of 12 GB RAM to bolster the speed for multitasking.

The price of the device is still not clear but we are expecting a price tag around Rs. 35000 in India though it’s releasing in China first, then, hopefully, it will hit the market in India. On 18th March 2019, it will be unveiled in China. Then we will see the actual picture that’s currently undisclosed. Fans are being invited in the stores to test some devices even before the release! Xiaomi is doing some targeted marketing. The number of gamers on a mobile device is increasing day by day and this device for the perfect chair gamers!

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