PUBG Banned in Gujrat, India

There have been a lot of issue regarding playing PUBG by teenagers. A day before, China has imposed a ban over playing PUBG by the children below 13 years. In India, there are a lot of complaints by the parents which reflect that PUBG is hampering academic life and normal behavior of the teenagers.

Some are reported to discuss the game whole the day and some mass bunks are also reported in a few schools due to playing this game in groups. That’s why in Bengaluru which is known as the silicon valley of India, many schools arranged meetings with the parents so that they can keep a bay on playing the game by the children.

Now another state in India, Gujrat has issued a ban over playing PUBG by the teenagers.

Do you know why this ban came over? A few days ago, a school student drank acid instead of water while plunged into the game seriously. Fortunately, he survived in that case.

Another case reported that a student attempted suicide after his parents refused to buy a smartphone to play PUBG better!

These incidents monger fears among the parents and they wanted a ban on this game for a long time, Surat Police has issued the ban. If any student is found to do so, strict action may be taken, apart from this if anyone inspires any teenager to play the game he or she will be booked under the same law.

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