6 Awesome Birthday Present Ideas for Tech Adoring Child

We all have that kid that is extraordinarily different in amazing ways. Unlike other children who love to play with teddy bears, balloons, wooden horses, Lego and so on, some have special love for techy toys and gadgets. Although being outside, embracing nature and playing with other children is also important, some kids enjoy their time alone and they are eager to learn and explore the technological devices that pop every day. Times have changed and if it might be true that these gadgets weren’t available during your childhood, they are a reality of the current times.

Birthday Present Ideas for Tech Adoring Child

Therefore, don’t blame or scold your little ones, support them and encourage it by gifting them techy presents to fuel their enthusiasm. Who knows if your son or daughter will one day because an engineer or scientist? Maybe he or she will be coming up with the solutions to our present world problems.

We get that it might be hard to get gifts for this kind of tech-adoring kids, but we will help you out. In this article, we are going to be looking into an interesting topic that will get you one step closer to your kid’s interests. In case you are wondering what to get him or her on their following birthday or next Christmas, here is a list of awesome gift ideas for your tech-loving child.

Let’s dive in!

  1. Fire 8 Tablet

While trying to keep your kid involved and engaged with fun like other little kids around, do you know he can gain both fun and entertainment from this totally affordable tablet? There are over a hundred applications available to indulge in and enjoy. Amazon launched a ‘kids’ edition, with content designed to approach children of different ages.

  1. Invention Kit

A play gadget for kids that entails bringing out the spirit of creativity and innovation, should be the best presents for young men and women growing up. Biologically, it helps the brain develop adequately. Surprise your tech-loving kid with one of this Makey Makey invention kit for his upcoming birthday and see how his or her imagination unfolds.

  1. 3D Creation Maker

Tech 4 Kids is at it again with a rather educative game as well as entertaining where your kid gets to build what he thinks in 3D. Fascinating right? “if you can think it, you can build it.” Like the former gadget mentioned, it also brings out the spirit of innovation and creativity in your kid or even better. A totally safe and entertaining device that will be suitable as a birthday present for your son or daughter.

  1. Personal Planetarium

This is yet another awesome birthday present idea for your kid. This gadget takes your kid out of this world to explore the space and all other features in space without leaving the house. Kids will totally adore this cool piece of device as they can travel the universe with the intensity of virtual reality by simply putting a cell phone inside the headset and letting it do its magic.

  1. Dancing Animal Speaker

This kind of kid’s game is well suited for both male and female toddlers where they get to pick animals of their choice – unicorn, fox, panda or dog. An awesome playful device well-equipped with Bluetooth and speakers actuated and animals dancing at the tone of the music. It can also be used to received calls.

  1. WowWee Mip Robot RC Mini

Moving on to a more complicated and sophisticated birthday present for your ten-year old boy is a robot mini. Robots are very fascinating creations artificially made as a result of the brilliance of technologically oriented developers. Getting one of this robot RC mini as a birthday present for your son will bring a smile to his face. It is an engaging play device in which kids get to assemble the robot based on the instructions provided bring out their manipulative and creative skills.

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