Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Spotted

Samsung is in no mood to trimming down the launching of devices in India. To recapture the lost crown from Xiaomi, Samsung seems to be very desperate and in last two months it has launched more than six devices under its “M” series, “A” Series and “S” series under the banner of its signature brand Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy S10 has been launched a few weeks ago while the 5G compatible device is still to get into the market.

One Plus is making its way into the 5G market slowly with its upcoming One Plus 7 pro version and probably to get a chunk of that share Samsung is releasing its own first 5G enabled smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G in the market. There has been an advantage of getting launched at first. Android Headlines posted the leaked image first.

Samsung is trying to make a profit out of that tactics as the price of the Galaxy S10 5G is likely to higher than the price of One Plus 7 Pro in India. As because India is a price sensitive market, Samsung may stumbleĀ upon the competition with One Plus 7 and Huawei’s upcoming 5G enabled device along with the device having the same compatibility from Xiaomi also!

5G is likely to get a speed which is at least 5 times faster than the existing 4G connections. The device got a huge pack of RAM and enough flash storage to keep your moments safe without lagging the device.

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