How To Skyrocket Your Business With Drip Campaigns

Ever heard of drip email campaigns? They are the tools used for creating automated email sequences that go out to lists of emails that you have added to the service. Do you already see the benefits? Does it not sound too good to be true? Think about it.

In the article, we’re going to take a look at how email automation tools help you skyrocket the business and which tool is the best solution for small businesses.

Why we’ve chosen

A successful email drip campaign is vital not only to retain existing customers but also to gain new ones interested in the existing range of products by constantly letting them know about the new things you’re doing with the business.

The reason we’re discussing drip email services and what they can do for the business is that we’ve found a great service online that lets users run great drip email campaigns with the help of certain tools that make the job as a business owner that much easier. is a great email drip campaign service that gives users access to some amazing tools and features that we will discuss at length further in the article. We will also take a look at how you can quickly get the campaign up and running in no time with

Another thing why we’ve tried is their pricing plan. The platform is really affordable starting at $29 only per month for 1,000 unique recipients. And, what is even more important, is an all-in-one platform, so donating once, you have access to all other tools. But that would be another review because today we’ll concentrate on Drip Campaigns in particular.

Why is better

Look, we all know the pain one goes through while sitting and trying to get through business emails. Composing emails in order to inform clients about the latest venture or letting them know about the latest sale is a really time-consuming task. The possibilities are endless and yet we see not too many people doing this.

Sending out regular and personalized emails to customers is one of the quickest ways to build a loyal customer base and also get the attention of new potential customers. Here’s exactly what you get with

A brilliant tool that finds out all email IDs associated with a domain: Together with sending automated email sequences, brings you a new method to build out the email list using a tool that they’ve incorporated. This tool allows users to add all the email IDs from a certain domain onto their email lists. Something that is indeed a brilliant way to find new customers.

Take scheduling to a whole new level: With you can find the perfect balance between sending too many emails too often and not sending enough. And once you’ve found that balance you can easily set up in a way wherein the emails will only get sent out during those specific intervals.

Check the email bounce rate, opens, clicks and replies: comes with a built-in statistics page that allows you to take an in-depth look at when customers open the emails, if they open the emails, if/when they click the embedded links, and tracks all their replies to the emails. Note that responses to automated emails are forwarded to you as chats.

These are some of the features that offers. For their full list of features visit their website about email drip campaigns.

How to set up a drip email campaign using

Everything is as easy as ABC. It won’t take you much time to start working with the platform and send the first drip emails sequence

Step 1: Get the lists ready

You can either import the existing email lists to or create new ones using the automated domain search tool which we mentioned earlier. This tool allows you to add email addresses from domains that exist, verify whether they’re active or not. This is so that you don’t end up adding bot-accounts to the ID and increase the email bounce rates.

Step 2: Set up the workflow for the emails

A brilliant feature about is that it allows users to set up their automated email campaigns using the easy-to-use drag-n-drop campaign builder. Within it, you can define triggers and delays to the emails so they will land into the recipients’ inboxes not all together a the same time but only when a definite action is performed and some time passes. You won’t be as spammer and every email will look really personal.

Pricing offers different plans that users can opt for depending on their requirements. As you can see, the plans are truly affordable and any small or middle-sized business can take advantage of the platform.

Wrapping-up is a brilliant solution for those looking to expand their business and send out more emails to their customers to improve their interactions. Sending out chain email has always been proven to improve business and now we’ve found the tool for you that makes things easier, so be prepared to see business boom!

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