New PUBG Update Includes Rocket Launcher & Zombie Mode

PUBG has launched a new update. In this update as a user, you will get a rocket launcher and you may need to kill Zombies in order to be survived along your mission to Chicken dinner. PUBG got an update for a few fixes and new vehicles a few weeks ago.

Now the new weapon, that’s a rocket launcher will add some new thrill for sure as you can easily blow up any vehicle if targeted properly. Another point we want to mention here, if you are targeting any moving vehicle, you need to calculate the distance and the speed of the vehicle in order to get the hit properly.

Zombie has come into action in this game for the first time. If you get in touch of any Zombie suddenly, your health may get reduced for a while. Killing the zombies will bring you some points as well. But let me tell you the gameplay. You need to be alive until the rescue comes.

Now we are describing the picture. You will be para-dropped on the island in the morning and you need to fight the zombies at night and as well as the other players. It will continue till next day morning. As a player, you need to kill zombies and opponents simultaneously.

But all these trills will come under the specific mode called, “Zombie mode”. Otherwise, the whole gameplay for the other modes is the same. Start killing zombies and let us know your thought and experience¬†on it.

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