Next iPhone To Support Reverse Wireless Charging

Apple is in a continuous process of developing its products to a great height. Apart from its supernatural operating system, it’s known for its iconic chipset and it has kept the secret of these buried inside its incubation centers. The best part of this upcoming device is that you can use that as a reverse wireless charger, that means if your iPhone has enough charge, it can be used as a wireless charging pod for another iPhone that’s to be charged.

This iPhone can easily be changed into a reverse wireless charging pod just by simply enabling a radio button. It will fire up the device through its special two-way wireless charging controller from STMicro. The news style battery will be supplied by Compaq.

It’s not the first time when a device is being updated to a certain level to work as a wireless charging pod remotely.

A few weeks ago, there was a rumor that Apple was working on a charging mat but officially Apple has announced that the project has been canceled because it could not achieve the standard it was expecting.

Kuo claims, “We expect the new 2H19 iPhone models will support two-way wireless charging. Though the iPhone is not the first high-end smartphone to be equipped with two-way wireless charging, this new function could make it more convenient for users to charge the new AirPods and create a better-integrated user experience of the iPhone and AirPods.”

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