PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Beta Update To Be Available Soon

Nowadays everyone knows the name of PUBG. A new update with a hell lot of new things is yet to come. The new update is 0.12.0 Beta has arrived with new thrills. Let’s discuss the features that are going to be the parts of this enthralling game.

Starting from the first one that actually gave us goosebump. While having close eyes on the enemies you can send them a friend request. Isn’t it a great thing? You can easily get connected to the players who play well and later on, you can easily play in a group.

A new rocket-propelled grenade launcher will be seen and it will be loaded with six grenades at a time. You can easily blow up vehicles and other things, even you can hit through a window as well.

A new type of crossbow arrives. It’s an explosive crossbow that gets blasted while get impacted on something. For grenadiers we have a new update. Now, you will get nitrogen mine that actually slows down the incoming enemies and can get you a chance to reload, hide or to kill the enemies.

Apart from these, there’s was a rumor that PUBG would introduce moon map but that was a complete hoax. Stay tuned for more update.

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