Unnamed Millionaire Announced Prize for Designing PUBG Type Last Man Standing Game

Have you ever wondered why people joined in the hunger game? Well, that may be the prize money, isn’t it? PUBG has trickled down the theory of the last man standing game in the modern days and trust me, kids and youngsters really love this game where they need to cover a widespread area fighting opponents.

An unknown millionaire is keen to design a game on his private island where 100 people will be para-dropped using his private plane and it has a few roads along with the coastlines. He has announced a prize for designing such a game, if you are a talented game designer, you can ask for the task though you will need to prove a lot of things.

The participants will be chosen and they will be in the task of getting other gun downed for 12 hours a day while rest of the time they will be provided proper food and lodging and it will be completely free of cost. We are expecting the person is investing it for the first time, from the next season participants may need to pay a joining fee!

The last man stand will get 100k pounds of cash! Well, that’s a lot of money no doubt. The game will be for 72 hours out of which you need to be involved in the game for 36 hours only. Want to accept the challenge? Follow this link and contact them.

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