Mozilla Firefox Rolled Out Latest 66.0.4 Version, Extensions Issues Fixed

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsers, especially for desktops. There has been a bug that prevents any new add on from installation and any existing add on from running seamlessly. In order to get it fixed, Mozilla has released a new update that allows add ons to get installed and running without any issue.

Millions of users reported the bug a few weeks ago and Mozilla has listened to the voices of the users and ultimately released a new version which you can easily update from the ‘Settings’ option. The new version is 66.0.4. This update is coming for Android and iOS as well.

Mozilla’s Kev Needham wrote in a blog post-

“There are remaining issues that we are actively working to resolve, but we wanted to get this fix out before Monday to lessen the impact of disabled add-ons before the start of the week.”

Mozilla has stated-

“Our team identified and rolled-out a temporary fix for all Firefox Desktop users on Release, Beta and Nightly. The fix will be automatically applied in the background within 24 hours.”

Now you can update the browser and check using the add ons and extensions for your daily use. Stay tuned.

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