Samsung Got Pace in India, Sold 2 Million “M” Series Devices

Samsung has managed to get a chunk of the market share of the smartphone industry in the Indian market back with the help of its “M” series. Samsung went below the first five smartphone brands in India in the last couple of years as the Chinese counterparts like Xiaomi, Huawei, and Oppo were taking the maximum market share in the budget smartphone segment, apart from these One Plus which is basically an Oppo company and Apple significantly increased the market share while Samsung continued losing its own.

In January of 2019, Samsung has redesigned its devices and launched a new series, “M” series with all new designs and specs and that hit the market terrifically. It has sold more than 2 million devices in India in just six months. Its “M” series devices count 2 million only while its “A” series has also done very good in terms of selling. In the last six months, Samsung has managed to climb to the place in terms of device selling in India. Samsung got the nerve of Indian consumers at late but due to its brand, it managed to get the place back slowly.

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