22 Apps Got Removed From Google Play Store

Google has removed more or less 22 apps from Android’s official app store due to some activities which are considered as illegal in the terms and conditions of Android’s agreement with the developers. Some apps drain battery unnecessarily and some apps steal your private photos as well.

But the last one literally has blown our minds away. The app used to open a private advertisement page in a hidden browser and malicious software was used to trick with the advertisers and make that a legit click from the users. These are considered as the culprit of the app stores.

These are the dodgy apps and one of these use to steal photos from your device. Surprisingly, a few of these have more than a million download. Math solver and Shape sorter are two of these.

If you have installed any of these, we recommend uninstalling them. Now, how do you check that? Just go to your Google Play Store account and if there’s an app which is not being shown on the play store on your mobile then uninstall that immediately.

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