Huawei Working on Hongmeng OS

After getting a ban from the US departments, Huawei has sped up the process of getting its own OS onboard. The name of the new OS is Hongmeng OS. Huawei has requested many developers to develop apps for its app stores. Huawei has managed to develop a scratched OS and the new app store for Huawei devices has been released. The new operating system may support all the official play store apps. As per the company’s say, the company will deliver an OS with strong security parameters and of course, it will get popular Google apps like Gmail, YouTube onboard.

Though there are a lot of controversies going on where Huawei is looking like a helpless Groot, the number of users of this brand is still going up especially in China, the number of users is increasing rapidly as an anti-American campaign is going on there and Huawei got the sentiment of the local people there.

Anti Apple campaign has provided a lot of sympathy sales in China for Huawei. Workers and engineers in the Huawei factory are working day and night to save the company and to speed up the process of releasing the new OS for its brand.

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