Xiaomi Hits Record Sales of 100000 Units Mi TV in China in Just 9 Mins

Xiaomi has been one of the top companies when it comes to selling devices. Be it a smartphone or be it a Mi TV. In the last sale of Xiaomi in China, it has recorded getting 100000 Mi TV and that too in just 9 mins! Xiaomi has been the number one smartphone company in terms of selling the number of unit device sales in India also. It’s a very interesting thing that one company is dominating both the developing economies’ smartphone market. Now, it has entered into a different league as well where it has touched a record sales of Mi TV in just 9 minutes.

Xiaomi is planning to launch its new Mi TV in India as well. The company hit several records of selling devices in India and China. Right now it has more than 11 different kinds of products in India and in China, it goes near 100. Xiaomi has planned for an R&D center in India too in order to cater to Indian customers better. Prices of the products are really competitive. Mi TV 4X has been priced at Rs. 18000 and it has been ordered in bulk and more than 30% of TVs are Mi TV 4X.

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