Images & Files Saved by Instant Messaging Services Are Vulnerable

You might be very cool after knowing that WhatsApp and other instant messaging services use 256-bit security so that the chats and calls through the over the top players get encrypted enough and no one except the sender and recipient can get into that by any mean. But do you know one thing?

WhatsApp and other services use your phone’s flash memory to save data like images and files sent through the services. And according to the terms and conditions of Android app accessibility, other apps that have been given permissions to extract data from your flash memory can easily snoop into the files.

If any malware enters into your device through any other app then it can easily breach into the files saved in the external flash memory. We hope that you get the point we are talking about here.

If the hackers want to change anything, they can easily change the outgoing files as well and that even without bringing under the notice of the users. You might have been noticed some accounts got blocked due to many issues like sending sensitive things to other users and many users don’t know how those contents got shared.

It was actually a hack and many accounts got hacked like this way, this is called media file jacking. So stay alert and be safe. Stay tuned for information related to this and how you can save the data from getting slipped into the hands of hackers.

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