Samsung Developing Retractable Display For Future Smart Devices

Samsung is aiming to develop something new and this time it’s going for something that will surely increase the adrenaline level of your blood. A device with a retractable screen is the latest technological advancement according to Samsung’s research and development team. And trust me, this thing is not a design right now, you better can say Samsung has already started working on this prototype and very soon, it will be in the product line.

Let’s see what it can bring differences in Samsung’s current market share. As far as the research and pilot run are concerned, we can expect the device by 2020 September because it’s still in the prototype form. If Samsung pushes the processes further then also it’s impossible to launch before May 2020.

We are not sure whether it will have a secondary screen to get the whole thing expandable or a flexible screen! We got a rumor that Samsung has been working on a flexible screen technology that can be stretchable to a certain limit. But implementing that technology in this kind of shorter time frame seems to be impossible.

We need to wait a few months more to see how Samsung manages to come over the expectations of the users and fans with this new type of product! Stay tuned.

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