PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Update Released, Know the New Features

PUBG has pushed 0.13.5 update in PUBG mobile. It’s a regular update that has introduced. Some new features have been pushed through for the users. PUBG brings regular updates to make the game more interesting. Users use to get new features like new guns, new parachutes, and skins for their guns.

Recently PUBH brought some updates in a regular interval of 1 month and these are really good and big updates. A few little updates also hit and graphics of the same increased and some new options like a door at the second-floor stairs.

Let’s discuss some new features that have been introduced in this update. Users may get new weapons in the rifle range and pistol. A kind of new vehicle like a bus has been introduced, an operable truck was also seen. Apart from that overall graphics has been improved. Some new skins are also added. You can buy skins with the face of the animals now. Provide yourself a new look, a couple of new outfits are also included. Check these features now by updating the latest 0.13.5 update in PUBG mobile. Let us know your experiences by commenting below, stay tuned.

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