New Display Design of Google Pixel Revealed

Google has unveiled a new design for its Pixel lineup. For Google Pixel devices this new facelift will be available through the new upcoming devices. This new design is actually an interesting thing and you better can say an extraordinary and strange design change because it will come up with such design that we do not usually see and not so general. We are not used to seeing this type of design because of premium line ups like iPhone, Pixel and S series of Samsung have a general design and features get updated every time with the new releases. Let’s have a chitchat about the new display design of the device.

Google has surprised us with the new design and the renders tell us a lot about the design! This design will come out with the new Pixel 4 devices soon and the fans around the world are talking about this design as it’s something out of the box. The radical changes with a square sized camera while having a unibody design prooved a lot of things about the upcoming device. Let’s have a closer look further on it.

The astonishing fact is that it will come without a big notch for the front-facing camera that we are used to seeing in the previous devices. Some changes in the design of the volume rocker have also been rendered in the design. Stay tuned for more update soon.

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