Xiaomi Teases 64 MP Camera For Mobiles

Till date, we are all excited about the 48 MP rear camera and Redmi officially has brought that on their devices first. Then slowly every other company took the idea and implemented the same feature on their devices as well. One Plus, Oppo, Vivo, and even Huawei also took the craze of the 48 MP rear camera into their bins as well.

Xioami has put the competition forward by taking a new 64 MP camera for its upcoming devices! Though we all know the fact that a 64 MP camera isn’t an actual 64 MP cam, it’s a combination of lenses. 4 same type of lenses is binned up through pixel binning technology where software does the rest of the part very intelligently.

Though Pixel binning technology works well under good sunlight condition, the 16 MP lenses do the rest of the job if the perfect light condition isn’t being fulfilled. Another point is important to notice, though 64 MP lens will be powered by 4 different lenses, it still manages to take great shots with awesome depth.

There’s no official confirmation when the lens will be introduced and in which range we will be able to get it. But as per our prediction, the lens will be one of the parts of the next “K” series.

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