SuperCharger 2.0 unveils a new standard in charging and it’s called PD Technology

For the typical gadget guy like myself, our desks can get messy real fast. That’s why we love when new gadgets come out that combine many of our daily needs into one device. SuperCharger 2.0 is one of those devices.

Designed by GOSPACE, a computing and mobile gadget company, SuperCharger 2.0 is a new multifunctional device that delivers the latest cutting-edge technology to consumers. GOSPACE calls it the “all-in-one Solution.” 

As this single-solution device, it combines t combines a charger and power bank, but also adds file transfer functions. Forget about card readers — users can read their SD Cards and USB via SuperCharger 2.0 and edit any files directly. It also brings a new standard in charging called Power Delivery (PD) technology. According to GOSPACE, PD delivers much higher levels of power than standard charging and it can handle a range of devices simultaneously while still delivering quick charging just over a USB connection. Features include 45w PD, 10,000mAh large capacity and two 18w QC 3.0 ports. 


“Like most inventions, GOSPACE was born out of our own needs as creatives, designers, engineers, and mobile professionals like yourself. GOSPACE aims to become one of the world’s leading computing and mobile gadgets companies. To achieve this goal, GOSPACE has been developing a wide variety of innovative gadgets with cutting-edge technologies and delivering them to our customers at an affordable cost. Through these products, GOSPACE strives to unparalleled satisfaction and reliability to consumers.” 

SuperCharger 2.0 is available today on Indiegogo to pre-order. You can get it starting at just $69, which is 50% off the retail price. The set includes one unit and an exclusive protective case.

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