Maritime Law: A seafaring RPG is Now Live on Kickstarter

The gaming industry is taking a big leap every day. Apart from big gaming companies, many developers are coming up with unique ideas, some of those can change the scenario of gaming upside down. Young generations are always up for something cool and are not afraid to put their effort into crowdfunding options like Kickstarter.

Maritime Law

Maritime Law: A Seafaring RPG in Kickstarter!

Role-playing games are considered as a subset of strategy games though all depend on the gameplay and story behind the game whether it will make a crash or hit a jackpot in crowdfunding. Maritime Law that has put itself on Kickstarter to get funding to continue its development of a seafaring RPG seems to be a stupendous one. Proper funding may push the development and we can get a screen change in the monotonous roleplaying section of the gaming industry.

Maritime Law | Gameplay

Coming to the gameplay, it’s a bit different from other RPGs. Players will kick their career as a captain of a ship and as a player, we need to pick some men for duties as crew members. The best catch that has made me woo is that even a nonexperienced guy can make the wave turn around, so keeping a reserve for getting the best men will not work all the time. You can watch the teaser trailer below!

Keep Your instinct Sharp

As an explorer, we need to start our journey to discover natural resources from the unknown islands and as a captain we need to keep charge on something like moral conditions of the crews and getting as many natural resources as possible without losing any man because all the islands are ready to keep you hostile with a large pool of wild animals and not at all friendly natives. This is how we will become an experienced captain and our stories will fly around.

Let’s have a recap of the things that make it different from other games. For a successful sailing campaign, we need some able crews and a strong ship to withstand sea storms. Riggers and gunners are a must while keeping a trusty officer is must handle them, otherwise, they may raise unethical issues like ‘not having women for long’ etc to plot a conspiracy against you. The feature that attracts me more as a gamer is the human nature of all the characters around us. A carpenter is always a need while having a wooden ship with iron locks.

Apart from getting people on board, we need some basic supplies, water, and maintenance kits because the journey is not a short honeymoon trip at all!

Getting resources is tricky as many of those are under the natives, so from a captain, you need to be a trader and starting a bargain to give them the iron cost.

If you have managed all these things cleverly, don’t forget to be prepared for combat situations in ship and land.

Support Tiamat to Reach the Target

Tiamat Games has been dropping it all efforts to make this game come true and streamlined funding can push the processes which are in the pipeline faster.

Interested to put your small fund towards this project? You can follow their Kickstarter Campaign from here.

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