iOS 14 is Slated To be Released on June 2020

iOS 13 has been one of the big backlashes in the history of iOS because of its bad run of bugs, it seems that Apple was in hurry to release it anyhow and that’s why an unpolished iOS version came out. That’s why all the users who have their devices running on iOS 13 are eagerly waiting for iOS 14 in order to get rid of the bunch of bugs.

iOS 14 is in the pipeline and a few leaks have indicated towards a stable version with a few new features and updates over the existing apps as well.

iOS 13 features some new updates with a lot of bugs like a frequent crash of Facetime video calling app. We are in hope that errors like this will be upgraded soon with the deployment of iOS 14.

Currently, iOS 14 is the only hope to satisfy the users and Apple is up to it. It generally gets a developer release in the first week in June, so if we follow the pattern, then iOS 14 may be released on any date of the first week of June 2020. If you are not aware of the process, how to install iOS 14 beta on iPhone then keep glued here as we will be updating the process soon after the beta version gets released.

But it will be released for developers; general users can test it on their devices by getting the developer’s keys. Public release generally comes out in September and the stable release is also expected to come out in September 2020. After that, all the eligible devices will receive updates through OTA.

If you are an iPhone user and have iOS 13 installed currently then you have a reason to be unsatisfied for sure. Though some intermediate updates have hit, actual issues still exist. There’s no other way to get out of the shits unless being upgraded to iOS 14 which is going to be released after 6 months at least.

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