Tips to choose the best subwoofer for home

Subwoofer or a home theater gives the best experience of enjoying the music or a movie at any time. The efficiency and portability of the device are the primary thing a buyer takes into notice while choosing the best subwoofer for home or a home theater. Generally, one can use the book -shelf size speakers for automobile or home. But subwoofers enhance the ambience of the living room. Choosing the best subwoofer improves the quality of the home theater experience for sure. Here are the few tips to choose the best subwoofer for home.

Sealed or ported subwoofers

Sealed subwoofers with acoustic systems are the best choice for larger living rooms. They are highly responsive and can provide tight and accurate bass when compared to the latter kind of subwoofers. The drawback with sealed enclosure subwoofers is that they consume more power. The quality of the sound is better and higher when compared to the ported subwoofers.

Ported subwoofers or bass reflex enclosures vent out the air with the support of a built in mechanism and can provide a lower level of bass. But, the quality of the bass is better than the sealed enclosure subwoofers. In addition, the size of the ported subwoofers is larger when compared to the former ones.

Power consumption

The advantage with most of the subwoofers is that you need not buy separate amplifiers. These devices have built in mechanism for amplification. Hence, subwoofers with higher power can provide better quality of sound. But, you need to invest much for these kind of devices. Sometimes spending much for higher wattage might be  the wrong move. Hence, choose an affordable device to provide an immersive experience of home theater and choose the wattage your pocket can afford.

RMS factor or peak factor will not have any impact on the quality of bass. Hence, you can ignore these factors while choosing the subwoofer.

How much bass do you need actually?

To choose a subwoofer, you need to determine the type of movies you often watch. For example, if you watch kids movies or comedies more, you can go for smaller size and bass of home theater and if you watch horrors, for better effect, you can go for larger size of subwoofers.

Placement of the subwoofer

Placement of the subwoofer is an important factor to consider when you need to connect the outlet for power and receiver to receive the signals. You need to get correct power supply and comfortable location while choosing the subwoofer.

Passive radiator

Passive radiators enhance the oomph when you need to enhance the amplification without consuming extra power. You need to check for the passive radiators when you need to choose the best sub for your living room.

Size of the subwoofer

The size of the subwoofer depends on the size of the room and the frequency of the device. Generally, the size of the subwoofers that can provide high quality bass are larger in size when compared to size of the device that can provide lower quality of bass. The larger subs suit the living room of larger size.

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