TELECOMMUNICATIONS ─ Making World a Global Village


Can we imagine our world without connections? It will be very hard to survive in the world which lacks communication, networks, television, telephones, internet, and social media. This world has these things as basic needs. A second without internet availability makes you feel you are lonely.  If the connectivity lost, the world becomes like a village, but as soon as you connect to the devices or internet, you enter in to a global village. That means accessibility is no more an issue for you. The companies, businesses and personal lives are totally modified following these telecommunications.


How Telecommunication Has Transformed Human Life Today?

It is a very debatable topic because the lives have transformed to 360◦. We, humans were living an entirely different life like;

  • Far from relatives
  • Unaware of happening
  • No global NEWS
  • No accessibility
  • No productivity
  • Least resources to earn
  • Tiring travelling
  • Bare Minimum branches of any bank, food shop, or anything
  • Minimum entertainment

But today everything has changed to the opposite of the above mentioned facts of previous centuries, a century ago.

Advantages to Telecom Sector:

Telecoms are earning very well. It will be a lie to say that telecoms are in loss. They can never be. The use of telecoms and networks are unavoidable in today’s world. These are the most leading companies of the world at the present.  They are able to earn per second because communication all over the world is unstoppable.  People have access to one another; therefore, they are in contact with their beloved ones. The businesses are even connecting with each other for broadening their industry.

In this regard, the telecoms are even forming joint ventures, which can be equally benefiting for all the firms accepting the venture lawfully. These ventures are making telecoms more efficient and effective. Internet and the fast access to the NEWS is making people alert about all the immediate changes occurring throughout the world. Some years ago, a joint venture that was formed between the Iraqi telecoms Korek, which was operational and limited to Iraqi Kurdistan. The time when it got the license from Iraq’s Communications and Media Commissions (CMC) to go nationwide it was in need of $1.25 billion as the pricing of the license. Korek was having Barzani’s family as its major shareholder. After some disputes arose within the country bet the Iraqi firm and CMC, it was later revealed that the amount returned to Barzani Family was used for illegal purchase of real estate in London.

A very successful joint venture became a curb for the European investors to reconsider before making any initiative. Many other countries are willing to invest in Iraq’s emerging market but these types of scenarios make it difficult for a country and a company to establish well.


Is The Society In Benefit? Of course yes! All of us are having the benefit of telecommunications. None wants to stay unaware of daily news, facts or updates. Availability of social media is making us all closer to each other.

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