Guidelines to buy the best siding nailers

Not much time has passed after side nailing got introduced. Side nailing is also known as siding. This is the same process as nailing. The little difference, in this case, is that here we’re talking about nailing the sides and the edges of the wall. It’s not to mention separately that siding is not an easy task. Some people try doing siding without siding nailers. They try to make it with their hands or manually. But that doesn’t help properly. You can’t get the best finish and the best siding without a siding nailer.

The machine is different from a roofing nailer. There is a noticeable difference between the prices too. A siding nailer is made with specialization for siding. People usually make mistakes as they choose the roofing nailers for the cheap price range. But a roofing nailer can’t give you smooth performance while siding. So, don’t fall for the wrong product and choose the right siding nailer.

Things you must consider before opting a siding nailer

  • Your siding nailer must have a rubber bumper.
  • Depth adjusting settings must be present in your machine.
  • The multidirectional exhaust is quite good if you get that in your machine.
  • The best siding nailers must have a proper air filter.
  • It’s better for you if your nailer offers you both plastic and wire fasteners.

The best siding nailers

Bostitch coil siding nailer

This machine offers an adjustable depth guide to determine the depth. The machine is lightweight and very easy to use. It gives you the tool-free exhaust adjusting feature. Moreover, it provides both plastic and wire nail driving options.

Hitachi coil siding nailer

This machine has a plastic safety shield that protects it. Tool-less depth drive adjusting feature makes the machine special. It offers you with the tilt-bottom magazine. The machine also has a selective actuation switch.

Freeman coil siding fencing nailer

This machine comes with a belt hook that provides extra support. 360° exhausting is it’s top key feature. The machine gives you extra security with the safety trigger lock. It also has the depth adjusting feature.

Makita siding nailer

This is one of the best choices among nailers. This machine offers you multidirectional exhaust. It has the 3-mode selector switch through which you can select the needed mode. Built-in air filter as another advantage of this.

These are the best choices among the siding nailers in today’s market. Consider the above-mentioned factors and choose the right siding nailer for yourself.

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