How to Stop Pop up Ads on Android

Ads are so annoying! How often have you been in the middle of a cool game on your Android device, then an advert just pops out of nowhere? And how many times has your favorite playlist been disrupted thanks to ads? You must have lost count by now. And what’s worse, the ads keep getting more aggressive. Nowadays, they can get as long as three minutes while advertising stuff that you probably don’t care for. Thankfully, you need not endure this any longer. We will delve into the numerous ways you can prevent the constant ads from spoiling your day.

how to stop pop up ads on Android

How Can You Stop Ads on Android?

What are pop up ads anyway? These are online adverts that pop up on your screen, obscuring your interaction with your phone, tablet, or PC. The content of these ads can be anything, from online games to cooking products to music videos. These pop-up windows exist on every platform and are used for advertising or, on other occasions, show up as a result of security gaps in your browser security. You can generally stop most ads by clicking on a “cancel” or “close” button. However, some ads are “stubborn” and can lead you to more windows as you try to dismiss the first one. If you’re unlucky, some can contain viruses that will harm your device. Other ads, albeit short, cannot be stopped, and users are forced to let them run to the end.

Although these ads have allowed manufacturers and vendors at large to reach broader markets, they are unfortunately also a nuisance to users. If you’ve been wondering how to get rid of them, find below some ways to improve your online operations.

Chrome Lite Mode

Chrome users have numerous options to avoid pop up ads. Chrome’s Lite mode has earned praise from many Chrome fans. It compresses “unnecessary” aspects of web pages to give users a hassle-free experience. What this essentially means is that it will reduce the number of ads and animation from appearing on your phone’s screen, hence reducing your overall data usage.

So how do you enable it on your android device? Open the Chrome application and click on the three dots at the top right corner of your screen. Once you are in the “Settings” section, proceed to “Advanced” and click on “Lite mode” to turn it on. This feature is interactive and allows you to see how much data you have saved and the sites you have visited. If you want to resume normal browsing, repeat the same steps, and turn off “Lite mode.” It’s as simple as that.

Opera Browser

One of the most simple ways to save yourself the ads headache is by using the Opera browser, which now comes with a built-in ad blocker. The Opera browser is free, and you can download it from Google Play Store. Once you have installed it, you can proceed to use it as you would any other browser. It is crucial to note, however, that this option is only applicable to users who don’t use Firefox or Chrome browsers.

Block Pop up Adverts in Chrome

If you are hesitant to install another browser, don’t worry, there are still more solutions for you. Open your Chrome browser and click on the three dots you see at the top right corner of your screen. Go to “Settings” and select “Site Settings” option. Scroll down the menu that appears and check on the “Pop-ups and redirects” and “Ads” icons and set them to “Blocked.”

Install Adblock Browser

Ask anyone you know, Adblock browser is one of the best advert blockers in the industry. This browser is a child of the creators of the popular AdBlock Plus extension. Users of this browser can attest to its efficiency in preventing ads from popping up on your screen. It’s so advanced that it can even block ads that regularly show up on YouTube. In addition to all these perks, it is also free. Simply download it from Google Play and voila!

Final Thoughts

Improving your online surfing experience is vital, especially if your work and entertainment depend on smart devices. Give any of the above solutions a try and find an option that suits you best. Nonetheless, remember to enable JavaScript Android to view interactive elements that you may be interested in on your favorite websites such as Netflix and YouTube.

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