Email Search Tools vs DIY Email List Cleaning

For any business whether small or big keeping the email list clean is a must. A poorly managed email list will not only damage the reputation of the brand but also have a direct impact on the sales. If you, as a brand owner, fail to reach your target audience, your chances of making a profit are zero. To be brief, here are the main points that make email listing so important:

  • Boosts the average open/read rate
  • Boost the brand’s IP or domain reputation
  • Preserves against blacklisting
  • Increases the click-through rate
  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Creates confidence among customers
  • Protects against blacklisting
  • Rises conversion rates

Email Search Tools vs DIY Email List Cleaning

How to Verify Emails

Now when you realize how important it is to verify emails, let’s find out the most beneficial ways of doing that. You can clean your email lists either manually or with the help of an validating email service – for example

DIY List Cleaning

If you are a novice blogger or marketer with no funds to make use of a professional service, you can learn how to do it manually. Perhaps the only advantage of this method is that it’s free. Anyway, the method will work as long as your email list is small. It’s won’t work with e-commerce platforms with thousands of customers since it’s not sensible to pick through such a volume of data, is it?
Nevertheless, here are the main steps to adhere to for a successful DIY email verification:

  1. Clean out the bounces
  2. Delete typical spam addresses
  3. Remove unsubscribers
  4. Correct misspelt addresses
  5. Delete duplicates
  6. Scrub emails

Email Verification Through Automated Services

Picking up a professional service to search emails and list them out correctly is the right choice. An ordinary email checker is automated software that provides quick and efficient results. There are also many other benefits of using these services. Particularly which, let’s find out together:

  1. It’s safe. If you select to use a specialized service and delete invalid email addresses from your huge list, you will preserve your brand’s reputation and email deliverability. You see, if you don’t do this and delete emails only after they bounce, your messages will soon land in spam boxes.
  2. It’s quick. A specialized email verification service does everything a manual list cleaning does, yet with a tremendous difference in time duration. Besides, it turns to be more cost-effective than doing the job manually. Just compare the price of an automated service with how much you value your and your staff’s hourly rate spent on manual email verification.
  3. It’s incredibly accurate. Email checkers ensure at least 99% accuracy which definitely gives one peace of mind concerning their sender reputation and deliverability.
  4. It’s GDPR compliant. As a rule, every reputable email address verifier anonymizes all email addresses during the process. The names appear in their native format only once the process has ended and the results are provided. Therefore, the service is GDPR compliant.

Every email marketer, blogger, or brand owner, should approach the necessity of email verification seriously. Using a specialized service is with all hands down the best way of cleaning up email lists to maximize email deliverability.

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