Planning Group Activities During COVID-19

Planning an activity for your group during the worldwide pandemic may be a challenge, but it is possible to find a safe excursion if you take the proper precautions. The most important thing to keep in mind when planning something for a group is to follow your local health department’s regulations and your state’s laws regarding the pandemic. If you do so, you can find fun things to do with your group that allow for social distancing and safety, such as cruises from next level sailing or afternoon hikes at a state park.

Stick With Household Members

The first rule of thumb to follow when planning a group activity during the Coronavirus health crisis is to keep it small. In some parts of the country, where cases are growing, you may be limited to the number of people in your group activity. An even better piece of advice is to stick to activities that are for your group of household members only. Limiting your group activities to the people you’re already in regular contact with lowers the risk of contracting the disease.

Keep It Outdoors

group activities during covid 19

Another way to help prevent your group members from getting sick during the activity is to choose an outdoor excursion. A San Diego boat charter in the open waters outdoors is a great way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather this time of year. Groups that avoid gathering indoors can help limit their potential risk for exposure. The fresh air and open setting of an outdoor space can help lower the chances of germs spreading. 

Wear a Mask

The next essential tip for gathering with a group right now is to always wear a mask. Some group activities may have you interacting with members of the public. Limit your chances of virus exposure by wearing a mask, especially if you plan on going inside a public building at any point during your activity.

Check the Requirements 

Before setting out on an activity with your group, be sure to check the safety requirements. Most businesses and tour operators have adjusted their policies to help keep their customers safe. Some places may not be open for group activities or they may have strict limits on the types of activities offered. Vendors offering group tours like San Diego boat charters are committed to providing experiences that can be enjoyed during these challenging times. Make sure every member of your group understands how important it is to follow the rules.

Consider Virtual Options

If you’re in an area that’s currently experiencing a significant outbreak of Coronavirus, it may be safer to postpone a group activity right now. Instead of getting together in person, consider holding a video call with your friends or family members until the pandemic settles down. Set up a specific time for your virtual visit and send out email invites to each member of your group. This way, everyone can still feel connected to each other and get that much-needed social interaction.

Prepare for a group activity during the pandemic by understanding your area’s current status with the virus. Choose outdoor activities that are low-risk and make sure everyone in your group is committed to limiting the spread.

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