How to Protect Your Windows 10 PC in 2020

The internet is revolutionizing our daily lives. It has made it easier for us to stay entertained, read the news, book holidays from the comfort of our homes, research, network, learn, buy or sell, and carry out many everyday tasks with ease. Our lives are becoming more dependent on the internet, and it’s crucial to understand the potential security threats that might impact us each time our desktops and mobile devices go online.

how to protect windows pc

Your privacy relies on your personal data being secure. To access various services and products offered online, you may need to hand over part of your personal data. For example, you may be required to provide your name, credit card details, email address, physical address, and more. These are some of the pieces of information that hackers need. Unless you take the right measures to protect your data in your own devices, you will be more vulnerable to these attacks. Here’s how to protect your Windows 10 PC.

1. Use encryption

Your online security quiver requires many arrows. One of those arrows is a reliable VPN to protect your internet traffic. It’s no doubt that hackers can monitor your internet connection and steal your data. When connecting your PC through public Wi-Fi, that internet connection isn’t encrypted. This leaves you exposed to risks of getting hacked through packet sniffing. Find a reliable VPN download to encrypt your internet connection and surf the web safely.

It’s also important to encrypt your Windows 10 hard drive and any USB drive that stores sensitive information. Consider shopping at encrypted e-commerce platforms – you can identify them immediately by checking the “HTTPS” accompanied by a closed ‘padlock’ icon in the web address bar.

2. Keep your software up-to-date

Keeping Windows 10 and all your software packages up-to-date is an important practice when it comes to protecting your Windows 10 PC from hackers. Most of the updates are security patches and bug fixes that help keep your OS and software from offering security loopholes and backdoors to hackers.

Each time a hacker tries to exploit a vulnerability, developers focus on patching that vulnerability and roll out an update. Failure to update your Windows 10 and other software makes it more vulnerable to a data breach.

3. Use a firewall

Windows 10 has an inbuilt firewall. This is specific software designed to create a strong barrier between your data and the outside world. Generally, firewalls can prevent various forms of unauthorized access to your computer and business network. It can also alert you of intrusion attempts. Make sure that your Windows 10 PC’s firewall is enabled before you go online.

4. Use complex passwords

Using strong and secure passwords is an effective way of preventing intrusions into your Windows 10 computer. It is more challenging for a hacker to access your PC data if you use highly complex and secure passwords.

A secure password must be long and hard to guess. For instance, it should have at least eight characters – a combination of lowercase letters, upper case letters, numbers, and computer symbols such as #%@&. Keep in mind that hackers use highly sophisticated tools to decode easy and short passwords in just a few minutes.

Also, you shouldn’t use your name, easily recognizable words, or a combination of your birthday. Don’t even use information connected to you as a password. It’s not wise to use one password for all your online profiles and accounts. In case you have many passwords to manage, use a password manager such as Last Pass, Sticky Password, and more.

5. Research and double-check what you download

Most malware infections are linked to user error. That means you can avoid many security threats by being cautious and doing your homework before you download anything online. Get to know the details of a file before you download it.

Many hackers tend to hide malware in downloads that might seem legitimate. You can avoid such security threats by just being careful.

Wrap up

If only hackers and other online thieves used their talents to earn an honest living, you wouldn’t have to take most precautions to fortify your Windows 10 PC security. Unfortunately, hackers are always in constant search for vulnerable computers. It is, therefore, imperative to implement the five strategies discussed in this article to keep your computer safe.

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