Multifunction Printers vs Single Functions Printer: What are the Differences?

There are numerous types of printers available in the market. It can be confusing to choose one that is useful to you. You may wonder whether to buy a multifunction or single-function printer. The multi-use printers allow you to scan, fax, copy and print. However, a multi-use one may not be suitable for you so that you may choose a single function printer. For more clarity about these two printers, let’s see a complete comparison between them.

Multifunction Printers vs Single Functions Printer

The uses of single-function printers 

A single function printer comes with only the printing option. They do not come with any additional features or functions. These printers are perfect for home use. However, they are not suitable for firms or businesses. Many think that buying a single function printer is a waste of money. But, as this machine concentrates more on printing, it can produce quality prints.

The uses of a multifunction printer 

Many find the multifunction printers under 15000 very useful. They can be a great investment for both home and office use. These printers are available in both bulky and compact models. Apart from quality printing, this machine comes with numerous additional functions. On the whole, this printer comes with tons of functions that too at affordable price.

Different features of single-function and Multifunction printer 

The versatility The multifunction printer is known as the “All in one” printer. This appliance can be used for versatile purposes. They are mainly used to increase productivity and efficiency. From faxing, scanning and printing, this printer can do all these tasks. Also, the printing need of every person is very different. Some may prefer plain printing and some photo printing. But anyone can use the multifunction printer as they are designed to perform various tasks.

On the other hand, the single function printer is suitable for individuals who prefer simple black and white prints. This dedicated printing machine performs at high speed to provide clear prints. However, they lack versatility, but they are efficient.

  1. The printing type 

There are different models of single-function printer available. According to your personal preference, you can select any type. The multifunction printers are available in two popular models that are inkjet and laser. The laser printer produces a high volume of prints and inkjet provide quality color prints. The multifunction printer types are highly preferred for office use. Also, the inkjet printer costs more than the laser printer.

  1. The cost and budget 

The multifunction printer is expensive than a single-use printer. With its premium features and functions, the multifunction printer is worth the price. Even though the price of the single function printer is lower, they have limited function.

  1. The durability 

The single-function printer is more durable due to its single operation. The machine does heat up or damages very often. The multifunction printer may be sturdy, but if one unit fails, all the function are damaged. If the scanner fails then the fax, printer or copier cannot be used.


Both multifunction and single-function printer comes with different advantages. Also, there are disadvantages to both these printers. So, based on the features, you can choose a one that suits your requirements.

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