MediQ: A Non-Toxic Reusable Sterilizer & Air Purifier Device is Gaining Momentum

We are proud to present you the MediQ, it is a revolutionary new household sterilizing and air purifying device that creates a powerful non-toxic hypochloric acid out of just table salt and tap water. MediQ is portable, affordable, environmentally friendly and baby-safe, a reusable device that brings the latest cleaning technology to your home and office.

MediQ Air Purifier

MediQ can sterilize any item including your phone, baby products, pet toys or any other item quickly and hassle free. Its powerful non-toxic cleaning solution is generated from salt and tap water, which is 100% natural. It can also remove pesticide residue and pollutants from the surface of fruits and vegetable effectively to provide cleaner food to you.

Beside sterilizing and removal of pesticides, MediQ creates a fresher environment for you.

It can freshen up the air in your home but removing unwanted allergens, paint and smoke odor. You do not need another air purifier machine in your home. It does not just remove bad smells from your surroundings, but also cleans your space from harmful airborne particles, including allergens, germs, car exhaust and industrial pollution (PM2.5).

You can even use it wirelessly, making it portable and easy to use anywhere – such as in your car. Its mist head allows electrolyzed water to vaporize more effectively, spreading further and wider to occupy the entire space. Place one on your desk or inside your car and it will get rid of all these harmful particles, from floor to ceiling.

MediQ is available for pre-order on Indiegogo now, starting from $39 (60% off MSRP) to a $119 special pack that includes two MediQ, two mist heads and two protection bags.

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