State-Of-The-Art Technology: 6 Features to Look for in a Modern Thermostat

The chances are you’ve heard of ‘smart houses’, and there’s no denying that most houses over the coming years will become smart houses in one way or another. If you have a device like an Amazon Alexa, then you’re already nearly there. One of the core aspects of a modern smart house is a thermostat, but when buying a modern thermostat, what features did you need to look for?

modern thermostat

What makes a modern thermostat?

In today’s guide, we’re going to share the six features you need to know, so you can get the device that’s right for you.

  1. Built-in Wi-Fi

Nowadays, having any new device in your home means you should be able to connect it to the internet via Wi-Fi. This is an essential feature because you can then control your thermostat from anywhere in the world using the app on your smartphone or a desktop dashboard. This means less wasted electricity, and you can set your thermostat up so everything is ready when you get home.

  1. Control Zoning Systems

If you have a large house with lots of rooms and a large HVAC system, it can be incredibly beneficial to get a thermostat with zoning control. This divides your house up into zones that you can then set however you like. This means if someone likes their room hot, but another room is not being used, you don’t have to have your whole HVAC system on throughout your whole house.

  1. Air Control

While a more recent feature to be added to certain devices, air control is becoming more and more essential. With air control, you’ll be able to detect stale air, control the moisture in the air, and some devices even look for pollutants and can tell you if you need a new filter or not.

  1. Programmable Features

Gone are the days of having to manually control your thermostat. Smart thermostats are all about being programmed. This includes telling it what time you want it to come on when it comes on, what temperature it goes to, and when it turns off again. This will automatically help you stay as comfortable as possible.

  1. Software Updates Automatically

Since modern thermostats are loaded with features and functions, it’s important that developers work to keep the software inside their thermostats up to date. This means providing you with updates to streamline processes, add new features, and overall making sure everything is ticking over smoothly.

  1. Energy Reports

If you have the best wireless thermostat, it will have the capability to create energy reports. These are essential because you’ll be able to see exactly how much energy you’re using and how much you’re spending, allowing you to manage your budget and spend more effectively. If your thermostat is given to you by your energy provider, you can even pay your bills exactly through it.


As you can see, there are plenty of fantastic features to be found on modern-day thermostats. While you may not need all the features available, it’s always worth knowing what’s out there, so you can find the best thermostat to fit your needs.

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