3 Tips to Take Advantage of Mail Merge Services

Incorporating a mail merge tool into your business can make it easier than ever to send out mass emails to prospects, clients, or customers. Even if you are not a business owner but you are looking to send out an invitation to friends and family, a mass merge is a great way to do so. In this blog, we will go over various ways you should be taking advantage of mail merge and how to find the right service for you.

Add time to your day by using a mass email service to perform a mail merge.

3 Ways to Use Mail Merge When Sending Mass Emails

1.   Automation Makes Everything Easier

The use of automation tools can make almost every task easier, even sending an email. At the same time as building out your mass email, you are still able to personalize emails and can even create custom messages in each email you are sending out. This is a whole lot faster than typing out each email one by one or if you decided to copy and paste the message for each person. If you are reaching out to clients or even inviting friends to brunch, maile merges work just as well.

A mail merge can also be beneficial if you are inquiring about something such as a new lawyer or requesting sponsorship for an event you are putting together. With mass emailing, you will be able to send out these requests for information all at once without having to type out all of the questions every single time. Use custom inserts for each person’s or company’s name and reach numerous people all at once.

2.   Connect Mail Merge to Gmail

Finding a service to set up your mail merging may sound complicated or confusing, but it can be done right inside your Gmail account. Gmail has been designed to allow everyone to take advantage of the mail merge feature. Sending family invites, sharing promotions with customers, and much more have never been easier. Before taking the steps in Gmail to send out your email, you must install an add-on to send mail merges in Gmail. Choosing the right service for you and/or your business can be important when you are starting off.

Research different types of add-ons and which will serve you in the way you wish it to. Also, look into the kind of support the company will offer you. You may need to have an add-on that you are able to connect with a single point of contact or you could be comfortable with a company that works through a ticketing system. Knowing how you can get in touch with a professional when you are having trouble is critical to making sure you are getting the most out of your mail merge.

3.   Find Potential Employees

Are you a company looking to fill a position in your business? Sending out an initial email can be extremely important because it will shape the candidate’s perspective of your company. Crafting the right message can be crucial, but you won’t want to be typing out that email every time you find a new prospective employee. You and your team can use a clear template to build out your email and use specific inserts to customize your email to each recipient. This will ensure that each candidate is getting the correct information and you will have the process automated for your business.

When looking to fill a new role, rejection emails are inevitable. Just like with an initial email, you should be designing one email that is sent out to all candidates that did not fit your role expectations. Use automation to send this email out so you do not have to worry about giving the person the wrong email or information.

Using mail merge as a tool that many people may assume is just not for them will make you more efficient in your production and workflow. Think about the times where you could have benefited from sending multiple emails at once with the click of a button. Whether it was to invite your friends to a birthday party, send out an email to potential employees, or send out invoices to your clients, a mail merge is the easiest way to go about it. With many benefits, a mail merge service is something that you should consider for sending out your next mass email.

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