What’s all the hype about iPhone 14?

iPhones have been a major source of anticipation and gossip in recent years. After all, Apple always comes up with the next-generation technology that makes everyone’s lives easier. Because of this, there’s a big hype about iPhone 14. Most leaks are about the major changes and upgrade that this phone will see. So, if you are wondering what to expect from this amazing device, keep reading to know more.

The biggest hype – camera

Popular Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, confirms that Apple is about to bring 48 MP camera sensors of high resolution to iPhone 14. This is a huge deal because the current iPhone 12 only has 12 MP camera sensors. But this may due to the fact that many Android phones have 108 MP camera sensors these days.

However, there is a possibility of 48 MP sensors being in only Pro models only. This means that there is a chance for the regular iPhone 14 type to have 12 MP camera sensors. Also, it seems that the 48 MP change is only for the main camera. People conclude this because there is no information on the telephoto and ultra-wide camera for the upgrade.

Video recordings

To stand against their rival Android, it seems like Apple is to have an 8K video recording feature in the latest iPhone 14. Since 2020, 8K video recording is present on premium Android phones which use Snapdragon 865 and advanced ones. Right now, the video recordings in iPhone 12 are just 4K with a framerate of 60 fps.

There is some speculation that Apple is now working on Perscopic zoom for their camera upgrade. To reduce the notch’s size, they are thinking about an under-display Face ID system.

Bye to iPhone Mini

Because of the lesser demand for the Mini variant, it looks like Apple will stop this series. Since Apple saw consumers prefer the regular iPhone over this type, they prefer to stop this from 2022. For iPhone 13 Mini, it is possible that Apple produces it in very little numbers.

On the other hand, Apple wishes to keep the 4 different sized models. So, you can see the regular iPhone 14 in both 6.1 and 6.7 inches. Even the Pro modes will be available in the same sizes. Also, Apple is planning to make the Max variant more available with newer models.

Apple AR/VR headset

This has been the biggest expectation of the iPhone 14. After all, the rumours say that the Apple AR headset will have a whopping total of 15 cameras – present both in and out. The main reason why Apple chose to do this is to track both the real-world position and the user’s eye movements. Most assume that this will see the launch alongside or before iPhone 14 hits the market.

Before you go

These leaks about the upgrade show why people are ready to wait for iPhone 14. With such kinds of upgrades, the wait will be worth it.

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