Things To Know Before Purchasing a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is one of the important appliances in every home. It is always mounted on the ceiling and usually runs on electricity. It is designed as such while the blades rotate, the air is circulated. When buying a new ceiling fan, many factors are required to know.

Let us discuss the important things to know while purchasing a new fan.

Right Fan Size

Choosing the right fan size is an important requirement for buying a ceiling fan. A proper fan size circulates the air. A wrong fan size will not circulate the air in the room.


Choose the best material as per your requirement. Usually, they come with plastic, wood, or metal bodies. If you live in a coastal area or use a ceiling fan for your bathroom, select a rust-free material.

Room Size

Choosing a ceiling fan for the room size is very important. If the room size is big, then it is advised to use more than one fan. Use tape to measure the room to find the size of the room.


Decorative styles: Ceiling fans with decorative styles add vibrant to your room. Depending on your budget you can go for the different styles and colours that match the walls. If your room has a high ceiling, then buy a long chain.


Some brands have a lifetime warranty on ceiling fans. Therefore, while purchasing select the one with the longer warranty period. Usually, if you go for a large or powerful motor, the warranty period will be longer.


While purchasing a ceiling fan, look at the installation part; it must include all simple steps to install. Check if all the wires that are required are ready for installation.

Energy efficient

If you have a fear of the increase in electricity bill, then select a star-rated appliance. The star-rated fan will reduce the consumption of energy. Also, many brands consume less energy that helps to reduce electricity bills.

Reputed Reseller

In case of claiming any warranty, the reseller must be a reputed seller. Ensure to purchase from a reputed reseller so that you need not lose your money.

Few ceiling fans are available with timer control, LED light adjustments, and automatic colour changing mechanisms. The blades are shaped with an electroplated finish to keep the cooling effect and provide a robust look. Various parameters like input power, sweep length, delivery volume, speed of the fan, and motor quality are required to measure a ceiling fan’s quality.

Before purchasing, check for the room type where you are going to use it. If you plan to use it in your bathroom, you need to select blades with rust-free material. Special designs are made for outdoor ceiling fans. You can use it indoors too. Overall, the above information, choosing the best ceiling fan in India depends on your budget. However, for a quality appliance, you have to spend a little more.

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