Is an Electric Kettle Useful?

An electric kettle is easy to use and saves time and energy. It is a handy appliance. When you use a vessel to boil water, you must be careful while pouring the hot water into another vessel or cup as there is a risk of burns.

Reasons for Using Electric Kettle

Let us discuss the reasons for using an Electric Kettle.

You can place the electric kettle wherever you wish to. It is compact and portable.

Works Faster

An electric kettle boils water faster when compared with a stovetop kettle. In most of the models, you can even control the water temperature. Once the water is boiled, it gets off automatically.

Saves Power

Electric kettles are very efficient in power saving when compared to stovetop or microwave. Microwaves require more electricity to boil water compared to the electric kettles.


Compared with the automatic shutoff feature, an electric kettle is safer to use and avoids over-boiling or the dangers of spilling the water. They are also safe from open flames and exposure due to stovetop.

Easy to Use

An electric kettle is very easy to use. They are compact in size and portable. You can even carry it anywhere on your travels. Some kettles are designed in the way that you can use them from the car charger port.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning an electric kettle is easy. You must not use a scrubber to clean the kettle. Instead, use vinegar, baking soda, and a cleaning brush to clean. You must use a microfiber cloth to clean the kettle.

Advanced Features

Nowadays, there are electric kettles with advanced features like auto-off and temperature control. It does not spill out in case the water has boiled.

Things to consider

For every appliance, there would be pros and cons. Let us see the drawbacks of an electric kettle.

Most electric kettles are made up of plastic, and they are more likely to fire accidents. Sometimes, when the auto-off fails, then the water keeps boiling and causes damage to the kettle.

Search for BPA-free electric kettles or even minimal plastic contact, or select a stainless-steel kettle instead of a plastic kettle.

When the heating component had direct contact with the boiling water, the nickel gets mixed from it. Nickle is not toxic, but it is hazardous to people who are allergic to it.

Using an electric kettle at home can shoot your electricity bills compared with the stovetop.

Choose the best electric kettle based on the power rating, capacity, and insulation of the kettle. Make sure that the electric kettle is BPA-free. There are a lot many electric kettles available in the market. Consider the kettle price as do not go for the low-cost product as it may harm your health. Good insulation saves from electric shock. Good quality stainless steel is the best option for having an electric kettle. Having a best electric kettle in india will make your life easy, and you are not required to step into your kitchen for your hot water or coffee all the time.

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