4 Reasons Email Marketing is Important for Any Business

Email marketing is an excellent way for any business to grow — from mail merging with Google Sheets to engaging your customers.

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Although there are growing ways for businesses to market their products, email marketing is still one of the best ways to advertise. An email marketing campaign can be extremely affordable and offer a great return on investment when performed correctly. There are plenty of aspects that go into an email marketing campaign. From mail merging with Google Sheets to analyzing the success, there are multiple reasons that an email campaign can be the correct choice for you and your company. Take a look at these four reasons to consider adding email marketing into your strategy.

4 Reasons That Email Marketing Can Help Any Type of Business Grow

1. Save Time Mail Merging With Google Sheets

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A mail merge service is a great way for a company to add email marketing into its strategy. As a business owner, you probably do not understand the ins and outs of building an email template, using an engaging tone for your audience, and understanding the analytics to improve moving forward. Even if you do know all of these factors, you probably don’t have enough time to invest in launching this yourself. With a mail merge service, you can mail merge with Google Sheets to input your email addresses into a centralized location, making it easier to connect with consumers.

After you take advantage of the ease of grouping your contacts, you can send them all an email at once with the click of a button. Not only will a mail merge service allow you to hold all your contacts in one place, but you’ll also be able to utilize their email templates and send out an email with the click of a button to hundreds of people at once. The templates will allow you to save time developing a design and sending out individual emails to each person on your email list. 

2. Increase Brand Awareness

One of the most complex parts of building a business is to create return customers. Creating brand awareness will give people in your target market a chance to discover you, understand what your product or service is, what your brand’s personality is, and provide them with an opportunity to explore your business. Social media is one of the most common places for brands to increase brand awareness, but it’s not the only tactic out there.

When you have a person’s email, it means that they expressed some sort of interest in your company at one point or another. Sending these people emails gives you the chance to keep you at the top of their minds and hopefully pique their interest even more. Sending out brand awareness emails doesn’t always mean these have to be sales emails. Take a look at a few examples to engage and interest your consumers more than just trying to sell them your product.

  • A message from the CEO
  • Monthly newsletter with updates
  • How-to instructionals on your products or services
  • Highlighting if you’ve donated or volunteered in the community
  • Sales and exclusive coupons

3. Drive Traffic to Your Site

This reason relates heavily to the previous one because more people will be heading to your website if you are increasing brand awareness. Use a clear call to action to encourage readers to head to your website to check out more. For example, if you create an email highlighting a new product or service, tell them to run to your website for more details. Then, you can add a button that directly takes readers to the product page on your website. Not only will this drive traffic to your site, but this will also be an easy way for them to purchase your product if they are interested. 

4. Use a Cost-Effective Advertising Tactic

Not every business has an endless amount of money for their marketing budget — in fact, most companies don’t have an infinite budget. Email marketing is a great way to connect with your existing consumers and gain new customers in a very inexpensive way. According to the Direct Marketing Association, for every $1 spent in email marketing, it generates $40 in return on investment (ROI).

There are no costs for printing, postage, and shipping like there are with traditional marketing materials. To ensure that you are getting the best ROI out of your email list, make sure you are running maintenance and taking out the email accounts that are no longer active or opening your emails.

A successful email marketing campaign is not complete without a service to mail merge contacts with Google Sheets, use templates to create eye-catching designs, and gather simple-to-understand analytics. With a mail merge service, you can connect with consumers, earn new customers, and understand their buying behaviors.

Email marketing has been around for many years, and it will not be going away anytime soon with its impressive return on investment. So make sure that you are taking advantage of email marketing for your business, no matter how big or small your company may be ​​— it’s the perfect way to continue growing. 

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