5 Amazing House Decor Ideas for People Who Loves Travelling

Home is where heart is. And if your heart loves to travel, there are different house decors to feed the wanderlust in you.

We all love to come home to something that calms us. Something that mirrors our personality. Something that enlivens the traveler in us. And we want to come back to a house that expresses our love for adventure!

House Decor Ideas

Travel themed home decor promises to do just that. So, here we are with our top 5 amazing house decor ideas for people who love travelling. Have a look and be inspired to put your travel passion on display!

Gallery of Travel Memories:

If you love travelling, you must have been on numerous tours across the world. And what’s a better house decor than the one that honors all those trips? Every travel enthusiast will definitely like the sound of dedicating an entire wall of their house to the gallery of travel memories.

Start by choosing some amazing photographs from your travels and picking the perfect frames to complement them. Or perhaps you can bring out your creative side to create some amazing Polaroid photographs to give it a retro look.

But before that, make sure you have a strong wall for display by introducing the heatline techniques of freeze protection.

Old-Fashioned Map Decors:

What says “Travel” more than a map does? And if they are one of those old-fashioned yellowish brown vintage maps, it’ll certainly give your home a travel vibe.

Plus, there are so many varieties to choose from! You can either opt for a set of vintage map canvases or pick a 3D wooden wall map with an architectural marvel. You can also use your wall to hang a geometric world map mural that can clip your travel photographs on it. Or you can simply go for a wall painting of a map with a splatter of colours or choose a simple wallpaper with the world map on it.

Vintage Suitcase Decors:

Suitcases scream the idea of travelling more than anything. And when it’s vintage, it’s definitely the best house decor for the wanderlust in you.

What’s more, this decor too comes with several choices. Firstly, you can have vintage suitcase trunks to store your cloths while adding to the charm of your room. Then, there are vintage suitcase shelves to keep your travel souvenirs while giving the walls a rustic look.

Also, if you have some old suitcases, you can refurbish them to have a vintage look and make them a part of your house decor. You can use the suitcases as bedside tables or even center tables with a quirky look!

Model Globe Decors:

Just like maps, globes speak of travelling too. So, you can make them a part of your house decor to showcase your extreme love for adventure!

For this, you can simply go for a model globe as a nightstand or desk toppers. And if you don’t like simple, then the vintage Globe bar with Italian style and wooden design will be the perfect house decor for you.

Travel-themed Artworks:

Art always has a way of intertwining itself with everything, even travelling. So, if you are a creative traveler, travel-themed artworks will be the ideal decor for your house.

It can be anything from wall art to Moroccan Floor Pouf, from duvet covers with travel photos to map blankets or mountain cushions. Any art that sings of “Travel” can set the same theme for your home.

And all the wanderlusts looking to have a travel feel at home click here!


With these travel-themed house decor ideas, home can be a little reflection of you. So, feel free to introduce some of these amazing house decors into your life. And be inspired to invite the spirit of travel into your home.

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