5 Actionable Tips on Growing Your Blog Organically

The concept of blogging has changed drastically over the past few years. From being just a part-time hobby, it has become a full-time job. People are now earning money out of blogs by creating valuable content. You yourself must have so many different ideas about best blog posts for your site.

But only ideas aren’t enough. To drive traffic to your blog as well as to build a steady income via blogging, you must be willing to adopt certain key strategies. And that’s where the real challenge lies.

Growing Blog Tips

So, here we are with our Top 5 Actionable Tips on growing your Blog organically to help you ease the process:

Create High-Quality Content:

Content is the Queen of efficient blogging. It’s the magnet that would attract the audience and keep them engaged. Something that would make them come back for more. So, to become a successful blogger you must create high-quality content with trendy yet unique ideas and catchy titles.

Also, your content shouldn’t only be about showcasing your talent. It must provide the audience with something that helps them grow or perhaps solve a problem. It can also be about spreading awareness about your business or building a perception about your brand—something that would have a mutual benefit.

Engage With Your Audience:

Engaging with your audience is an important part of growing your blog. The number of likes, comments and shares on your posts really matters for your blog to increase its reach.

It can be a bit tricky but a simple Call to Action (CTA) at the end of each blog-post makes it easier. Once your readers put their comments, ensure that you keep the conversation going. Reply them with your inputs, answer their queries and simply engage with your audience from time to time.

Pay Attention to Right Keywords and Efficient SEO Tools:

Growing your blog organically will need you to pay more attention to right keywords and efficient SEO tools. Especially, if you own a business blog like heatline.com to showcase your products, it becomes more important.

Choosing the right keywords for your blog is the basic step towards a successful Search Engine Optimization. So, perform keyword research regularly and use them wisely in your article and its title. Also, try linking your posts to some relevant content on other blogs. It will improve searchability, increase traffic and enhance your rank on Google.

Search engine optimization will get your blog discovered by readers. It will bring you closer to the audiences interested in your niche. And hence, contribute to the growth of your blog.

Encourage Readers to Subscribe:

If you are seriously thinking about growing your blog, you would definitely need some subscribers who would like to come back for more. So, encourage your readers to subscribe to your blog.

You can ask for subscriptions at the end of each article, or simply put a subscribe button at the top of your blog. You can also use pop-up subscription forms but it shouldn’t annoy the readers. And if you can reward your subscribers with something—that’s even better!

Connect with Fellow Bloggers:

Connect, interact and collaborate with fellow bloggers within your writing community. It allows you produce fresh contents and access each other’s audiences.

Be open to guest blogging to drive traffic to your blog. Also, leave your valuable comment and relevant links from your blog on their posts. You can even consider using resources like Rexoriginal.com to help with the link building process.


You can make a great living out of blogging in future if you can do the foundation work today. Monetizing your blog does come with a set of challenges. But smart strategies and actionable tips will definitely contribute towards growing your blog organically.

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