Is Blogging Worth the Effort in 2022? (Our Take)

Blogging has always been the queen of content marketing. Ever since its discovery, blogging has only helped businesses to survive, grow and thrive. It’s a great way to connect with a wide range of audience, gain the trust of readers, build new skills and earn money.

However, the array of social media fighting for our attention in the modern era, paved way to several debates on the relevance of blogging in 2022. But one can’t deny the role of blogs in establishing a solid foundation. Blogs will always be the most trusted platform.

is blogging worth it

So, despite all its challenges, blogging is here to stay! Now, let’s have a deeper look as to why blogging is worth the effort in 2022.

7 Reasons Why Blogging is Worth Pursuing

Learning New Skills:

Efficient blogging will require you to have a good knowledge of keywords, SEO, web-designing, content marketing and various other tools. Hence, blogging will compel you to learn new skills and gain experience which you can later utilize to further your career.

Creating a Community:

Blogging is a great way to create a community of like-minded people. The regular visitors to your blog are obviously interested in your niche. So, if you can effectively engage with your readers, you can start a community and gain some genuine friends with similar interests.

Building an Income:

Blogging can be an effective means of building a steady income. There are different ways of using blogs to earn money like running advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, selling products or online courses, writing paid reviews, etc. True that it will take some time before you can start earning money from blogs. But consistent effort and efficient strategies will push you closer towards making a living out of blogging.

Enhancing your Writing Skills:

Blogging is the best device for an aspiring writer to practice and enhance their writing skill. With each piece that you produce for your blog, you will observe a significant improvement. It also helps to build a readers’ community who are likely to trust you as an author if you decide to publish a book someday.

Building an Authority:

Blogging can be a crucial tool in building an authority related to a specific domain. You can build an audience and gain their trust though blogs that showcase your knowledge and expertise in a particular field. Over time, people will recognize you as an authority in that specific niche. And if you are yet to know your niche, keep exploring different blogs to learn more about your interest.

Establishing a Professional Network:

Blogs go a long way in establishing your credibility as a professional and hence build a professional network. Whether you are an artist or a business owner, blogs are excellent place for growth. Sharing your expert knowledge through quality blog-posts showcases your skills and experience. It can help open new career opportunities, build a portfolio and even establish your own professional network with the bloggers in the same niche as yours.

Promoting and Marketing your Business:

Blogging is a valuable platform for promoting and marketing your business. Blogs can boost the online visibility of your business and help you gain the trust of your audience. A strategic, analytical and practical approach to blogging can help advance your business. Blogs have a high engagement rate, and with companies like Ignite Digital you can optimize your site to boost your Google rank.


Blogging can be a rollercoaster ride with several ups and downs, highs and lows, slow and fast. But it’s definitely worth taking a plunge into the journey. That said, blogging isn’t an endeavor to bring you an overnight success. To be recognized as a successful blogger, you must be willing to put in the time, effort, hard-work and perseverance that blogging demands.

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