Five Problems and Poor Features of Redmi 1S

Chinese Smartphone maker Xiaomi’s new launch Redmi 1S looked like premium offerings in very low budget and seemed to fulfil the dream f low budget of Smartphone at last in Indian people. Being awesome on the feature board it has some problems, and some features have not been working properly. There are so many issues in RedMi 1S. At first, have a look at the five most reported problems and poor features of Redmi 1S. Xiaomi needs to buckle up as their competitor Samsung is working very hard in order to keep ruling the global smartphone market. Samsung’s upcoming beast Galaxy Note 5 is all set to enter the race very soon. 

Five Problems in Redmi 1S

When it came to the launch, it looked like an awesome phone till then and seemed to have all the features you could get in a premium phone in your budget. It was a huge hit. But when the reviews from the certified buyers started coming one by one, its problems started popping up.
Five Problems in Redmi 1S
Redmi 1S; Problem: 1 # Excessive Heating up: It has been a general issue about the Redmi 1S. More than 80 percent users reported that Redmi 1S gets heated up easily while playing a game or at the time of surfing net. Sometimes fore screen gets heated up quickly in such a short time; you would be panicked; some users called it Bomb inside the phone.   
Redmi 1S; Problem: 2 # Irresponsive Keypad: Sometimes the keypad of the Redmi 1S shows issues with the keypad. It becomes irresponsive sometimes, and you may need to restart it for fix the issue every time it happens.  
Redmi 1S; Problem: 3 # Not Ecommerce friendly: If you are using the Xiaomi’s Redmi 1S then you may have faced the problem in making payment through an online debit card or net banking. It is reported that users are facing the same kind of problem while trying to make payment in eBay and Shop clues also.
Redmi 1S; Problem: 4 # Battery Issue: Though the Redmi 1S has gotten a giant battery for massive power supply capacity, Redmi 1S is reported with bad battery issue all over. Reports are coming and according to that, battery drains like hell and can leave you with half of the charge in 4/5 hours even though you had not done any multitasking or surfing.
Redmi 1S; Problem: 5 # Call dialer screen issue: The issue on call dialer screen is one of the high end and most reported issue for Redmi 1S. You may not see the dialer screen after dialling a number. Yes, it’s surprising and horrific also. Sometimes Redmi 1S cleared the whole screen even after you dialled a number for the call and left a message that the call can not connect that time.
We are receiving many new and unique issues everyday that connects the dots to the problems of Redmi 1S. But mostly users complained about these five above described problems they are facing with their brand new Redmi 1S.

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