Five Quality tests that every iPhone Pass

We all got nervous when it came to ears that the new iPhone 6 Plus is very much vulnerable to bend. Its all came in media flash when a user report that the new iPhone 6 bend slightly after he put it into his pocket for some time! The news goes viral, and everyone started talking about the bending issue of the newly launched iPhone 6. It raised a question mark on the quality of the Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Then the mighty Apple revealed their exhaustive and high-end quality benchmark that all the iPhone satisfied. Apple provided media that all the iPhone goes through five quality tests, if the phone does not pass the quality test, it gets rejected straightly.
Let’s have a focus on these five quality tests that every iPhone meets. Apple is well famous in the market for their quality and technology. Apple was the first company that brought the touch technology and the Smartphone revolution began. 
iPhone's Quality Tests
The Five Quality Tests that every iPhone goes through:
Apple’s first quality test for the iPhones# sits Test: The sat test is the accident test. The condition is while the users accidently sit on the phone. All Apple iPhones are tested in three sit condition- the first one is on the hard surface, the second one is on the softer surface, and the last one is involved back pocket condition and bending test.
Apple’s second quality test for the iPhones# Three Point Bend Test: The three points bend test carried out by putting a 25 Kg weight in the middle of any iPhone. The phone bends slightly and if it comes back in shape, only then that phone gets passed. They also said that any phone could bend permanently if enough weight is applied to it. But Apple did not reveal the maximum weight that an iPhone can tolerate.   
Apple’s Third quality test for the iPhones# Torsion Test: All the Apple phones are twisted with a certain torque from the two opposite and diagonal angle for about 8000 times. But when we asked about the angle at which it is twisted the official did not reveal that.
Apple’s Fourth quality test for the iPhones# Users studies: Apple usually provides some users with some free copy of the iPhones before releasing those in a market. The users are allowed to use those phones in all condition and up to all users’ experienced weather. Apple takes these reviews and changes the model accordingly.
Apple’s Fifth quality test for the iPhones# Pressure Point Test: All the phones go through these high-pressure test where more than one pressure in forms of weights are put on the various corner of the iPhone and examine whether the phone comes with the ideal shape after removing the weights.
The tech world got tensed after hearing the news of the bending of the new iPhone. But company revealed the five quality tests that were conducted on all the iPhones which are now in the market. And at last, new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus may bend, but those will come to actual condition after the stress removed, so be cautious while handling, it can absorb minimum pressure but don’t take it as extra hardy material while enjoying.   

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