How to improve battery life of Android device and Phone

All of us know that the Android Smartphones are power hungry gadgets. The bigger screens, bigger motion pads and smart multitasking consume all the battery of an Android Smartphones. The recent trends of getting the Android Smartphones thinner has made it more difficult to adjust a decent room for the battery also. Today we are going to discuss some ways to improve the battery life of an Android Phone or device.
Improve battery life of your Android device
How to extend battery life of your Android Phone/ Device:
The web corner is full of various descriptive ways to extend the battery life of your Android device or the phone that is in your hand.
1.  Disable background data: Always disable the background data, restrict all the background data. Because if you enable it, it will continue to consume mobile data when Android device is idle also, hence consume the power of the battery. So disable background data is one of the supportive ways to save the battery life of your Android Phone.
2.   Disable GPS: We often activate the GPS unnecessarily. When your Android device or phone track your position through GPS, it consumes a lot of power to track your current position. So until and unless you need to go with live GPS to find anything with accuracy, it is advisable not to activate GPS on your Android device or Phone. It will save and improve the battery life of your Phone and device to a large extent.   
3.   Don’t activate vibration: If “vibration” is enabled in your phone, deactivate the “vibration” mechanism immediately. Vibration causes a lot of battery charge goes to lose. So disable vibration when there is no need to vibration.
4.     Disable Wi-Fi: After working with files and the internet we often forget to disable Wi-Fi. It consumes a large data amount through Wi-Fi. Hence mug up the battery life of the Android device or Phone.
5.  Disable Bluetooth: It’s our nature that after transferring files, we forget to off the Bluetooth, and then it continues to search for devices time by time and gobble up a large portion of battery charges. So disable it when there is no need of it and disable it to improve the life of the Android device or phone you have.

How to improve battery life of Android Mobile
6.   Avoid Weak signal: Always avoid calling from the area where mobile signal is weak because calling from a low signal area can consume a significant percentage of the battery life of your beloved Android device.
7.     Update the apps: Never forget to update the apps because updated Android apps take less battery energy to perform. So when there is an update available for your frequently used apps, update it to improve the battery life of the Android Phone.
8.   Disable “Auto Brightness”: Although auto brightness sounds great it’s not that great you, and I thought before as it sets more higher brightness than it requires. So set the brightness manually and disable the “auto brightness” option and save your Android device’s battery life.
9.   Use original batteries: Don’t buy and fit third party batteries in your phone. Always use original batteries. Though third party’s battery may charge you little bucks but it will deliver sub-standard battery performance for sure.
If your Android device’s battery is not performing well, enquire what is going wrong with your device, check all the nine things we have published here and improved the battery life of your Android Phone or Devices.  

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