How to use two WhatsApp accounts in a device (Smartphone)

We often face many strange questions from the Smartphone users and How to use two WhatsApp accounts in the same device is one of them. WhatsApp, the biggies of the cross platform messenger, has a wide user base of about 600 million worldwide. Many of Smartphone users having dual SIM compatibility ask for the tricks for run two WhatsApp accounts in a single Smartphone.  
We are giving you a whole technical prescription (Techscription) below, and you will be able to run two different WhatsApp accounts in the same Phone.
If you are thinking of running two different WhatsApp accounts on your device, your device (Smartphone) must have dual SIM support. For this, you don’t have to even root your mobile! Yes! That’s the great part of this trick; you will be able to enjoy two WhatsApp accounts on your phone, and it will function well without rooting your device!
(1)    Click on the WhatsApp account which you are having in your device currently.
(2)  Tap on the Settings and directly go to the Chat Settings” option. Click on it and then you will see an option Backup conversation. Tap on it and get the full backup and the contacts of the WhatsApp.
(3)  After that, Go to the App settings and select WhatsApp, then clear all the data in WhatsApp.
(4)  Once you are done till go to the storage and select WhatsApp folder. Rename it and provide the name- OGWhatsApp.
(5)  Finish? Now uninstall the WhatsApp from your Smartphone. Then download OGWhatsApp for your Smartphone from Google Play Store.
(6)  Install the OGWhatsApp and activate it by your old number that was used in your WhatsAppbefore.
(7)  Once you activate the OGWhtatsApp, you can see the older WhatsAppmessages on OGWhatsApp.
(8)  Now to have another WhatsApp, Install WhatsApp from Play Store and activate it with your new number. That’s all!
(9)  Now you can enjoy the dual WhatsApp activity on your phone.
This is how you can run two different WhatsApp accounts in the same phone easily without any complex root of your device. If you get stuck in any step while doing so, please write your problem as the comment we will resolve it as quick as possible.
This is the standard process of running two WhatsApp accounts in the same Smartphone while you face some problems if you are using Android 4 (Ice cream sandwich) or lower. For fixing the problems you may face while trying to set two different WhatsApp accounts in you same phone, can write to us.  

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