Latest Apple Technologies for WWDC 2015

The rain of new technologies in WWDC 2015 is something we are looking forward to it. Developers at WWDC 2015 on June 8 to 12 will expose new technologies which were not in the line even last year.
Go through latest Apple tech for WWDC 2015.
New Technologies From Apple at WWDC 2015


The Apple Watch is going to give us extra in our way. There is a huge jump phone to the watch. There is a WatchKit to create Apple Watch apps that will demonstrate your iPhone app. The fast and innovative with a good deal of information to the wrist,” Apple has concluded that.


Apple has done a good job for the OS X developers in the enterprise. IBM is pulling all kinds of technologies, like Watson deep learning AI. Can we make it possible the calibre of Watson creativity and its future OS X oriOS app developments? Many apps are going to be more running oriented and are their possibility that we can enable inside a Mac app.


We want to welcome Apple with Siri. As Siri is available in  Russian, Danish, Dutch, Thai, Turkish, Swedish and Portuguese speakers. This has been changed through iOS 8.3, and Siri is now with all languages.


Developers will be attracted towards HealthKit and ResearchKitfrom medical scientists to engineers looking to medical and personal health devices into Apple’s ecosystems. Nothing is yet done, and Developers are planning to come with a bang for the fitness for the people.


The app like Apple Pay is enough to fit in tech genre. Developers will come to view what exactly Apple Pay at WWDC and how it will function in the banking sector. Apple Pay will create new opportunities or eradicate the monotonous products.

Force Touch

Name of interaction in your Mac app is the new Force Touch. Apple Watch will support iPhones and the Mac so we will new way of communication all the way. You can play around built-in tools like drawing, graphics, video and productivity apps due to the Force Touch.

Streaming music

iOS 8.4 developer beta is a prominent music app with a new look that also gives more boost to iTunes Radio. Will Apple plan to introduce its Beats service and will it become part of iTunes Radio. However, it is not so tough to think how streaming music could integrate into third-party apps, and the developer can better know it from WWDC, where iOS 9 will release?


The breath is taking Apple TV.We can get better info in WWDC, but developers will include, perhaps using Auto Layout to “create flexible user interfaces that look awesome on multiple screen sizes and orientations”. That recent Apple TV price has been cut out, and the main thing is that it is not updated for long.
WWDC 2015 will include Apple features like Touch ID, or the iPad Pro ( iPad Air 3), Still in confusion. Alternatively, will there would be any plans for interconnects and USB-C? We need to wait until June 8 for the ultimate reveal. Iphone 8 will be release in 2017.

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