Blocks Modular Smartwatch is Launching its Kickstarter Campaign on 13 October

After blessed us with desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet and smartphones, now the real question lies what is the next gadget that technology will produce from its magic hat?? Maybe UK based wearable company Blocks has come up with the answer. Blocks are going to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the world’s first modular smartwatch on October 13.

Blocks modular smartwatch

For the past two years, Blocks is working in this project and recently the company showed off a prototype design of a smartwatch that could have interchangeable modules. Google is also working on a similar concept named as The Project Ara, but they haven’t achieved notable breakthrough yet.

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So what does mean to have “interchangeable modules”??  It means that the modular smartwatch will work on both iOS and Android platform. The main watch face module will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset, but you will have the privilege to choose the option between using Android or iOS. Blocks modular smartwatch will facilitate you to connect to your handset and will be able to run multiple apps, just like the traditional smartwatch devices offer but as the company is planning to build these “modules” as an open platform, so it will allow anybody and everybody to make their own features and add them on the module. Block smartwatch will be primarily featured with various apps and sensors like biometric trackers to monitor heart rate, sensors  to  measure blood oxygen levels, sweat and perspiration , GPS  but you will also be able to add various features of your own.

The prototype design published by the company shows us that the smartwatch will feature a round-faced screen with numerous removable links also the device will be available in different colours. The modular links are planned to be designed as small as possible to facilitate users with small wrists to incorporate as many unique features as possible without getting too bulky to fit. The watch clasp will also be adjustable according to your wrist and according to your comforts.

So watch out for the Kickstart campaign, maybe the campaign will decide the future of this device. Hopefully,  this world’s first modular smartwatch will unveil with a bang.

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