Google’s Glitch Shows “Narendra Modi is India’s First Prime Minister”

How can you resist yourself from laughing out loudly, if India’s current Prime Minister Narendra Modi is shown as “India’s First Prime Minister” by the mighty Google! People around the web started trolling on this. You can also experience the humorous laughter show by the Google. Simply type- “India’s first Prime Minister” and hit enter to start laughing! Though the picture of Narendra Modi is showing on the right side, all the information stated there are about Jawaharlal Nehru. In the rich snippet of Google search, PM Narendra Modi’s picture is added with a brief of Jawaharlal Nehruthe first Prime Minister of India.


Don’t know why it has not attracted the eyes of authority till now! Maybe in some hours this technical glitch will be resolved. Don’t miss it, get on Google now and capture this glitch as this type of technical faults are very rare. Moreover, it’s about the first Prime Minister of World’s largest democracy!

For sure, the opposition of India will find something like “Conspiracy of BJP” or “Government is trying to change the history”. Google has handed over a major point in the hands of the opposition. But you guys don’t take this as any political point and don’t put any colour on it. Enjoy….

Before a few months, accidentally Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi was listed in the “Criminal’s list of India” and “No 1 Criminal of India”. After several objections, Google, at last, conveyed apology and removed that. Recently PM Modi met with the top CEOs of the world in silicon valley, where Google’s CEO Mr Pichai was also present. He urged and requested everyone to contribute in Digital India initiative. Facebook already joined this initiative. Before a few weeks, they brought a feature to support digital India by mixing your display picture in a digitised Indian map;s colour bleed theme.

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